5 Things Families Guests Want From Your Hotel Digital Marketing

5 Things Families Guests Want From Your Hotel Digital Marketing

So our previous posts looked at how families travel and make their travel decisions, but what is it they want from your hotel digital marketing?

1 – Make their Lives Easier via Hotel Digital Marketing

Family travelers look for tools and information whilst traveling to let them know what’s available nearby and to help them make plans. The hotel that helps them to efficiently manage and coordinate their vacation is the one that would be most appreciated and rebooked for their next trip.

2 – Always Keen for a Deal

Unlike some of the other travelers we’ve previously discussed (such as business travelers and affluent travelers), families will always have an eye out for a good deal. No matter their socio-economic background, traveling with a family is costly and they tend to look for savings wherever they can find it.

3 – Add Real Value with Hotel Digital Marketing

What’s more important to family travelers than giving them a better deal is giving them better value. Families traveling together will often need a long list of activities packed into their day in order to keep everyone entertained. Taking the work out of organising their stay will give parents a chance to relax and really enjoy their stay.

4 – “Fun is not frivolous, fun is precious.”

According to research by MMGY Global (2013) the vast majority of family travelers want time to relax, unwind and spend time together. And while 80% want to see new places, 75% want an easy to get to destination. In this instance loyalty is not so important but showing your family guests what is new and exciting in your area is.

5 – Free WiFi is still the most important

Gone are the days when traveling families search for a hotel with lots of supervised children’s activities in which parents can leave their children while they sunbathe. Family guests prefer to spend their quality vacation time together and make the most of their time away as a family.

But they still really want free WiFi. In fact, 78% of families opted for free WiFi over kids programs on previous vacations.