Guest Overview Page & Hotel Digital Marketing Info

Guest Overview Page & Hotel Digital Marketing Info

Hotel Digital Marketing Information

A key factor in improving your hotel’s revenue per occupied room (REVPOR) is understanding what aspect of your hotel online marketing is most effective. When guests browse your hotel app what grabs their attention and, more importantly, holds their attention the most? Are they looking mostly at your hotel ipad app or the hotel android app on their smartphones? When in the day, week, month and year are they looking at your app and where in the world are your guests looking at the hotel app? Appy Hotel helps you review and understand all this information and more.

Hotel Mobile Marketing Graph Overview

Knowing and understanding the success of your hotel digital marketing campaigns is critical and Appy Hotel provides you with information-at-a-glance graphs which can be set to varying time periods and information types.

Time Periods

The first overview section automatically shows you statistics from the last week (7 days).

Overview overview

You can easily change this instead to show statistics from the last month or the last three months (30 days and 90 days).

1) Simply click on the ‘Last 7 days’ tab to reveal a drop down menu.

Overview Time Change Drop

2) Select which time period you wish to look over, either 7 days, 30 days or 90 days.

3) The overview graph then adjusts to your chosen time frame so you can track information over that period.

Information Type

The graph overview initially shows the number of page views for a given time frame. All of your overview information can be displayed individually on the graph.

1) Click on the drop down menu that currently shows “Page Views”

Guest Overview Graph - Change Info Type

2) Simply choose what information you would like displayed on the graph and select. The graph then adjusts to display the new information.

 Overview Combo

Metric/Feature Overview

The table below the graph shows the figures that corresponds to it, allowing you to see the figures week-on-week, month-on-month or quarter-on-quarter depending on the time frame you’ve selected above (7 days, 30 days and 90 days respectively).

Providing you with more information you can see more clearly how your hotel app is progressing and how to adjust your hotel digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Links to more information

Each category of information within the Overview Table is a link to show more information on each topic.

Guest Overview - Categories

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