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Appy Hotel is looking to work with well-connected companies, agencies and individuals providing marketing, digital and IT services to the hospitality sector

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Join Appy Hotel’s partner family and earn a generous referral fee on revenue generated by your clients.

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Whether you work with boutique hotels or 5 star luxury resorts, Appy Hotel is great opportunity to grow your earning opportunities by providing your clients with the most comprehensive hotel digital marketing platform available on the market. Create recurring revenue opportunities for yourself by offering ongoing management, design and content services. Reselling Appy Hotel will enable you to offer:

  • Flexible & Personalised Hotel Apps – Produce gorgeous native hotel apps for your clients within minutes.
  • Mobile Responsive Websites – Offer your clients a comprehensive responsive website solution that’s fully integrated with their apps and booking solution.

Easy sale

With over 1 in 3 hotel bookings already being made via mobile, hospitality providers are in hustle to join the mobile marketing bandwagon, and launch a new mobile-responsive website as soon as possible. Appy Hotel empowers you to meet that demand with a comprehensive and attractively priced solution. Client objections are easily addressed thanks to Appy Hotel’s free trial, that enables you to show clients what their website and apps might look like, prior to the sale.

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To learn more about our reseller program and submit your application please contact our VP of Sales and Marketing, Ms. Patama Mokaves at or fill in the form below.

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“…We were looking for a way to reach our guests at our resort and Appy was the solution. It is very user friendly and lets us customize all of our activity, F&B and outlet offerings for our in-house guests. The Appy team is extremely accommodating… They’re quick to reply, available to help, and always APPY!…”

Jasmine Wallsmith
Marketing & Communications Manager
naked Retreats

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