Hotel Digital Marketing Tips: Family Traveler Trends & Touchpoints

Hotel Digital Marketing Tips: Family Traveler Trends & Touchpoints

Keeping family travelers engaged, excited and loyal requires your hotel digital marketing to be up-to-date and in keeping with certain trends:

Follow Popular Trends

You may not be able to follow every trend completely, but taking small actions is better than taking no action at all. Look at family travel blogs and you’ll quickly see what’s popular amongst family travel planners. This could be anything from eco-tourism, wellness travel to the latest Disney movie that kids can’t get enough of. Whatever changes you make in order to follow these trends, be sure to let guests know about it by posting on your hotel blog and sharing via your hotel’s various social networks.


You may not be able to compete with Disneyland resorts when movies like ‘Frozen’ are all the rage, but you can offer simple things like a kids play area with ‘Frozen’ themed goodie bags that still adds wow to a family’s stay.

Social Media Influence of Hotel Digital Marketing

The power and reach of social media has significantly broadened the family travel market in recent years. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have not only allowed less affluent families to find and book affordable vacation options, but has also given travelers the ability to share and ask for advice from both friends and strangers.


Encourage guests to share as much as possible. If you offer a reward for sharing directly via your hotel app be sure to take every opportunity to let guests know.

Use Surveys to Uncover Emotional Touchpoints

Understanding your guests needs and emotions both when booking and during their stay indicates an empathy and growth that will lead to success. If you are unaware of or insensitive to the emotional aspects of a family vacation, your hotel is more likely to alienate rather than attract family travelers.

This is sound advice when marketing for any of your guests, but using surveys helps to satisfy guests basic emotional needs and creates loyal customers. Asking guests to complete a survey and provide feedback will help to identify and understand your family traveler’s needs.


Offer reward points through your loyalty program for guests that complete surveys and provide feedback. Ask for feedback early on in their stay instead of as they check out so that you get more accurate information and so that they have a chance to make use of their reward points during their stay.