Hotel Marketing Tips: Family Travelers

Hotel Marketing Tips: Family Travelers

As we discussed in our previous post, hotel marketing for family travelers requires a unique approach that cannot simply focus on basic demographics. Families are traveling to create memories together and a successful family hotel will be the one that helps them to do that. The hotel USPs or “wow” factor will get them through the door but it’s up to you and your staff to keep them coming back.

Help to Manage Chaos

As mentioned in our previous post, families are continuing to travel despite the recent economic hardships. They have adapted by reducing the length of their stay rather than cancelling it altogether. This means that your family guests have less time in which to create wonderful family memories and a hotel that helps them to do so will be remembered, and recommended, as a favourite for years to come.

Identify Your Hotel Marketing USPs

Not correctly identifying your hotel’s wow factor can quickly lose you family guests. Every hotel need not have water slides or theme parks on-site in order to have appeal to family travelers. Great value, great location and great customer service can be every hotel’s wow factor when presented in a way that appeals to families.

Build Partnerships to Add Value

Building a strong network of local business and partners can be a win win for any hotel. The ability to add value to your guest’s stay will be especially appreciated by family travelers. While your hotel property may not have an overflow of family-orientated activities, if there are such attractions and activities nearby that your hotel can partner with this becomes a USP for your property.


Local parks, attractions, theatres and activities are great to connect with. In exchange for promoting their services to your guests they could provide a discount or preferential booking to those guests, thereby adding value without costing your hotel a dime.

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