Is TripAdvisor the Best OTA for your Hotel App?

Is TripAdvisor the Best OTA for your Hotel App?

A hotel app is an ideal way to engage more with guests, improve their guest experience and at the same time increase RevPOR; the trick is getting more guests to download and access your hotel app. We’ve mentioned in previous posts some simple strategies that every hotel should be utilising to promote their hotel app to guests, but how can you take the promotion of your hotel app a step further?

A recent report from Strategy Analytics entitled TripAdvisor: A Gateway App suggests that TripAdvisor is the most effective platform so far at increasing your hotel app user base. The report showed that those with TripAdvisor installed were on average three times more likely to own an airline, hotel or OTA app than those without. This correlation could be the key to growing an engaged audience.


According to Travel Analytics sister site AppOptix, travel apps represent just 1% of all user sessions on mobile devices. However, TripAdvisor an installed base in excess of 10% which in turn is highly correlated to ownership of other travel apps.

Why is TripAdvisor Connected to More Hotel App Downloads?

More than any other OTA or travel app, TripAdvisor is used by engaging travelers. Compared to other comparison sites and travel apps, those using TripAdvisor aren’t simply scanning a list of prices and locations. Many users have already researched prices and locations for where they intend to stay, now they want a more comprehensive idea of what to expect.

How to Leverage TripAdvisor To Increase Hotel App Downloads

TripAdvisor has it’s own list of travel apps available for download, everything from city guides to flight seat selecting apps. Therefore while you may not be able to encourage downloads directly from the site, those visiting your hotel website will be much more open to the idea of downloads already.

TripAdvisor’s business listing allows for a link to appear for your hotel website, as well as your current hotel deals, in your TripAdvisor listing.


Those that click through to your hotel website will be an ideal audience to encourage to download your hotel app. Therefore be sure to have links and/or QR codes to download your hotel app on the landing page from TripAdvisor.

Leads generated by TripAdvisor are the ideal ones to promote your hotel app to, their use of the platform shows that they are invested, engaged and tech-savvy enough to see the benefit of downloading your hotel app onto their mobile device.

According to Josh Martin, Travel Analytics Research Service Director, “In order to earn return on their app investments companies need to increase usage and TripAdvisor is a channel to finding those that are highly interested in travel.”