Adding Items To A Page Of Your Hotel Website / Hotel App to Increase REVPOR

Adding Items To A Page Of Your Hotel Website / Hotel App to Increase REVPOR

Why Add an Item to a Page?

Offering a product or a service to your guest is great, but this is your chance to offer them even more. Adding an item to a page is a great chance to up-sell and maximise your revpor and revenue stream. Your guests can book multiple services or buy multiple products all directly through their free hotel app. Even if the customer doesn’t chose to buy in advance they are aware that those products or services are available to purchase.

What types of items can I add?

You can add information items, product items or service items to any of the pages created. One of the most popular types of item to add are restaurant menu items that can be ordered directly from the app and delivered to the guest in their room, by the pool, in the lounge, etc.

How do I add an Item to a Page in my hotel app?

1) Go to the “Pages” main section.

In the “Hotel Content” drop-down menu, click on “Pages.” Pages Drop Down

2) Choose page to add the item to

In the pages menu, click on the page you wish to add an item to. In this example we will add an item to the “O’Neil’s Pub” page. O'Neil's Page Click on

3) Select add item

Click the “Add Item” button on the page editor menu or scroll to the bottom of the page to reach the section that handles items and then click the “Add Item” button. Add Item Selection Click add item

4) Add Item Details

Add a title for the additional item along with a brief description. Keep the description nice and short. Aim for 15 words or less to ensure proper display when viewed on mobile. Add item Steak&Ale Add Item Description

5) Choose/Upload Image

Select an image from your files to coincide with the new item. (In this case, a picture of the item for sale). Choose Image item

6) Select Item Type

This is where you tell your hotel app what the added item is. The logic is identical to that described for page creation. In this example we’re adding a product so we select the “Product” option. You can then enter the email address of whoever in your team will respond to the inquiry. In this case it concerns the O’Neil’s so an email will be automatically sent to the restaurant email address. Add Item product

7) Item Price

Again, as with the original page, you can set a price for the item in your selected currency (In this example we’re using US Dollars). Since we’re adding a product the price will be per unit, if we were adding a service the price could be per person. Item Price
Simply check whichever option is relevant to your item. This is a great option as it lets your guests browse through the additional items on offer and find out their price. This way they have all the information they need and can be ready to buy straightaway.

8) Create the item

Now that all your information has been added you just need to click on the “Create Item” button to create the item within your page. Your added item will now appear attached to your chosen page.
Create Item The information and images can be changed / updated at any point simply by clicking the edit button. Item Added Edit

9) Save Changes to Your Pages

Last but not least, don’t forget to click on ‘Save.’ Once you do your changes will be uploaded to your hotel apps.

10) Preview Your Changes

As always you can preview how the page looks in your hotel app by clicking on “Preview” from either within the menu section or the main page section. Double Preview Options Now when you preview your page, the added item will show up in that section.
Item Added Preview
You can repeat the process as many times as you wish to include all the items that you have available.

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