Publishing Guest Surveys via Your Hotel App

Publishing Guest Surveys via Your Hotel App
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Publishing surveys via your hotel app is an easy way to encourage guests to rate their experiences in your hotel from start to finish. Appy Hotel enables you to publish a survey containing as many questions as you like, and prompts guests to provide their replies via a simple smiley based rating system.

Creating a Guest Survey With Appy Hotel

1) Questions Section

In the “Hotel Content” drop down menu, click on “Questions.”

Guest Surveys 1

2) Language Selection

If you’re publishing your hotel app in multiple language be sure to select which interface language you want your survey to appear on. To have a survey available in multiple languages you’ll need to repeat the survey creation process separately for each language your app supports. For example if you’re hoping to publish a survey on both interfaces of a bilingual French and English app, you’ll have to create your survey in French and English.

Questions 2


3) Add Question

To create your first question click on the “Add Question” button.

Questions 3 Add


4) Enter Question

Type your question in the text box that appears and click “Save”. As you add additional questions they’ll stack up below.

Questions 4b
Note: When phrasing your questions don’t forget that your guests’ can only respond by selecting a rating, so while a question like “Please rate the cleanliness of the hotel” works fine, asking “What did you like about the hotel?” leaves the guest with no ability to provide a sensible response.

5) Enabling and Disabling Questions

By default questions are automatically enabled and live in your hotel app as soon as you hit the “Save” button. If you wish to disable a question temporarily simply uncheck the “Enable” box.

Questions 5 Enable


6) Live Preview

Hitting “Save” on your first question will publish your survey on your hotel app. To access it use the dedicated button on the concierge menu.

Questions 7 Preview

Guests can then simply tap on an appropriate smiley-face to rate their experience. Giving you valuable guest information in just a few clicks.

Questions 8 Review

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