Over the past few years we’ve been working closely with hoteliers in order to learn how we can best support them boost REVPAR and REVPOR via innovative uses of web and mobile technologies. Scroll below for the Appy Hotel feature list.

We add new features to Appy Hotel on a regular basis. If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see included in our future releases, we’d love to hear about it.

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Your Hotel’s Marketing Showcase

Hotel Friendly Menu Categories

Menu Categories provide the underlying logic your guests will use to navigate through your website and apps. Most of our client hoteliers use them to showcase the various facilities and services their property offers, such as Rooms, Restaurants, Spas, etc.

Amenity Pages

Pages serve to showcase amenities grouped under menus. For example your Menu Category “Rooms “ might list three room types: “Single”, “Double” and “Suite”, each with it’s own dedicated Amenity Page.

Pictures That Sell

We buy with our eyes. Strut your stuff with amazing images of your property, amenities and offers. Appy Hotel offers you ample opportunities to upload multiple images for every single page on your website and apps.

Videos Tell Your Story

Video is the most powerful media at your disposal for showcasing your hotel’s amenities and offers. With Appy Hotel, including videos on each and every one of your amenity pages is as simple as adding a Youtube URL. If you’re located in China we’ve still got your back – Appy Hotel pulls videos just as easily from Youku.

Hospitality is a Multilingual Business

Your guests come from all over the world. An important part of making them feel welcome is speaking their native language. Appy Hotel enables you to create and maintain your website and apps in as many as five languages simultaneously.

Room Compendium / Hotel Directory

To help you make life easier for your guests you can include your room compendium and internal telephone directory in your website and apps.

Customize to Match Your Brand

We know branding is critical to hoteliers, so we made it button-click-easy to customize Appy Hotel to match your hotel’s brand standards.

Guest Promotions and Specials

Promotions is a special type of Menu Category that’s prominently displayed on your website and apps . Use it to promote your hotel’s special offers effectively to your guests.

Update Your Guests in Realtime

Gone are the days when guests were satisfied with a Christmas promotion that lasted till April… Marketing hotels effectively on digital media is all about timeliness and responsiveness. With Appy Hotel you can easily update your guests anytime regarding new offers and promotions.

Maps - Location, Location, Location...

Your location is a prime consideration for guests looking to book in your area. Appy Hotel enables you to pinpoint your property’s exact location using Google maps, and offers guests the choice to navigate to you using either Google or iOs maps’ services.

Weather Data Gives Guests a Sunny Outlook

Every concierge knows guests are often concerned regarding the local weather. With Appy Hotel you can easily keep your guests informed via the built-in 5 day forecast.

Your Appy Certificate Proves You're Tech Savvy

A smashing website and cool apps aren’t useful if your guests don’t know they exist. To help you promote your website and apps to your guests you can download and print an impressive Appy Hotel Certificate to display in your hotel’s lobby and other point-of-sale areas.

Hotel Marketing That Boosts REVPAR & REVPOR

Room Bookings

Whether you’re managing bookings in-house, or relying on a 3rd party booking engine, as long as you have a link to your chosen booking solution, your Appy Hotel website and apps support it.

In-House Service Reservations and Orders

Boost your revenue with Appy Hotel by encouraging guests to browse, book, and order your F&B offers, and other in-house amenities, directly from their smartphone or tablet. Appy Hotel includes a powerful system for tracking your orders, but you can also configure the platform to use your current POS systems.

Receive Feedback Quickly and Privately

Online reviews are now a primary consideration for travelers when selecting hotels to stay at, but often the only difference between a glorious testimonial and a damaging comment is simply the speed with which a particular guest’s issue was resolved. Appy Hotel speeds up your response time to guests’ comments by alerting key staff as soon as feedback is submitted. All messages are also logged and recorded to allow review, processing and improvement.  

Guest Surveys

Guest Surveys play an important role in helping hotels improve their service levels and offers. With Appy Hotel, creating and publishing guest surveys directly to your website and apps is easier than ever. All responses are stored in your account allowing you to analyze data at your leisure.  

Hotel Social Media Marketing - Built In!

Hotels are always on the lookout for ways to encourage guests to share their experiences over social media, because the result is often a stream of new, highly qualified, “word-of-mouth” leads. Appy Hotel makes sharing your content via Facebook and Twitter a one click operation for your guests, and also enables you to craft the messages shared.

Analytics to Measure Impact on REVPAR & REVPOR

Hotels need accurate performance statistics in order to operate effectively. Appy Hotel’s statistics dashboard gives you a realtime view on how your digital marketing efforts are driving your revenues.

Automated Responses

Timely feedback is a critical component of good service, which is why we built a powerful automated emailer into Appy Hotel. Whenever a guest interacts with your hotel’s website or apps they’re immediately emailed a confirmation of receipt.


Create and manage your own guest loyalty program. Award guests loyalty points for: purchases/bookings, completing surveys, sharing your content, checkins, etc. Enable guests to use loyalty points earned via your app in order to redeem promotions.


Monitor normative and preference information for every guest, based on interactions with your app and loyalty program. Create marketing lists based on demographics and learned behavioral data, and send out targeted push-notifications and email marketing.

“…It’s been a very exciting experience for us, because simply by virtue of having the technology on hand, and accessible to enterprising members of our marketing team, we’ve discovered and created usage scenarios beyond those we initially expected…”

Samir Wildemann General Manager The Okura Prestige – Bangkok

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