If you’re a client using our 5 or 6 star package for a period of 12 months we guarantee the value of orders and bookings your property receives as a result of using Appy Hotel will exceed the cost of your app. Should you fail to reach this level of returns we will extend your subscription for a further 12 months at no cost.

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only clients on our 5 and 6 star packages with a 12 month sign up period are eligible for the Appy Hotel ROI guarantee.
  2. You must enable, upload, and complete booking/ordering for (a) all rooms (b) at least 1 restaurant, and (c) either spa or tours.
  3. You must promote your App by: (a) displaying a certificate about your app at the check­in desk (b) place graphics to promote your app in your booking confirmation email and staff email signature(c) place marketing collateral about your app in all guest rooms and restaurants (d) create an attractive app­-exclusive promotion monthly (e) post about your app­-exclusive promotion at least once per week on your Facebook and/or Twitter account.
  4. You must designate at least one member of your staff to receive and attend to booking/ordering emails during the contract duration.
  5. You must commit to work with your designated Appy Hotel sales representative and follow Appy Hotel guidelines on promoting your app to your guests throughout the contract duration.

“…Smartphone and tablet apps featuring our hotel’s facilities are a great way to familiarize guests with our properties, and help them plan their day-to-day itineraries prior to their arrival. Guest satisfaction will definitely be enhanced!…”

Jonathan Kreuter
MARCOM Director
The Unique Collection

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